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Meanwhile, In Another Part of the Muslim World…

ORC_4827The Google Science Fair Kids: Nowhere was this spirit more palpable than in the panel of teenagers who’d won prizes at the Google Science Fair. The panel, called “Innovative Generation,” was moderated by Dr. Cagri Kalaca, an avuncular figure with a kind, red face and an Einsteinian hairdo. He opened by quoting Rainer Maria Rilke:

“The future leaks into us to be transformed long before it actualizes.”

The most impressive presenter was Metehan Emlik, a 17-year-old from a low-income family in Sivas, Turkey. As a young kid, fascinated by electronics but too poor to afford components just for the sake of learning, he started secretly, deliberately breaking the few devices his family had, turning them into trash so he could dismantle and reassemble them at will. In high school he became obsessed with a national science competition, repeatedly asking his teachers and principal to let him participate. They all refused, telling Emlik, “We’d make fools of ourselves!” So he persuaded his parents to send him to a different school. There he was given free use of the lab and participated in multiple science competitions, often sleeping at the lab to finish his projects. His senior project (a missile guidance system) became so all-consuming that he failed to study for his university entrance exams, which in Turkey are the sole determinant of your college placement and major. Undaunted, Emlik found another science competition whose first prize included a scholarship to a university, and won it. In his freshman year at this college, he entered the Google Science Fair and won that too with a design that improved upon the landing gear for the Rosetta space probe. With Emlik’s device, the lander wouldn’t have fallen over during its comet landing. Emlik’s core message, passionately delivered with evident triumph over his unsupportive former teachers, was that you must never let others tell you what you can’t achieve.


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