Metehan Emlik | Community Engagement Project

Community Engagement Project


Metehan Emlik was born in 1996 in Sivas. He received primary and high school education in there.  Metehan who made a lot of project during his high school years joined various fairs. He won first award with his project’ “A New Design of Guide System for Semi-Automatic Command to Line of Sight” in physic field between high school students from 2014 TÜBİTAK Project Competition. Moreover, in Robot camp that was organized by Ozyegin University he was first and was awarded with dean of engineering scholarships. “Design of A Landing System for Non-Global Astronomical Objects” that was made by Metehan ranked First 90 students among 90,000 students from around world. Currently, metehan who is student of Electrical Engineering in Ozyegin Universty are advising high school students on electronic field.  Metehan is interests in embedded systems, machine vision, flight mechanics and aerodynamic systems.


My CEP Experience

First of all,i would like to start talking about Community Engagement Project. It is running by Duyarlı OzU. Duyarlı Ozu is responsible for Community Engagement Project. Their goal is to raise awareness about social problems and increase volunteering culture. There was 5 projects children,animal,elderly people, disabled people and environmental projects. My project is a Waste Managment  Project. It is about how wastes can be useful for us by reusing and raising awareness about recyclable wastes.  This projects’  running by  Ozyegin HSE (Heathy, Security, Environment) department. I choose this project because when  I was prep-student I contributed Duyarlı OzU project  as a volunteer which called “Bottle House Project”. This project is about reusing the waste bottles and making a bottle house. As a group, our aim was to take attention into sea pollutions around the world in this project.


First day, I attended the information meeting about waste management during 4 hours .  I learned a lot of considerable thing about waste management in  information meeting. However, most critical pieces of information  was waste disposal methods and re-use according to me. In my opinion,  Waste disposal is still a major problem in the present world because a lot of waste is created in big cities such as İstanbul and there is no a lot of suitable space in theses cities. In addition, if wastes are not stored properly it can break environmental balance because many waste collection areas  intertwined with nature. Another important information was re-use according to me because actually, a lot of waste materials is not the waste because a lot of waste materials can be recycling. Also, electrical energy can be generated  from non-recyclable waste materials by using waste’s marsh gas. Then learned a lot of things like above information s we decided to visit Istanbul waste collection center.





Istanbul Waste Collection Center Trip

When we arrived at waste collection center we wore  protective clothing at first.




Istanbul waste collection center is a former mining land.  Waste is collected which use to fill in the gaps in a mining area.





A facility is established to generate electric from methane gas in waste collection center.



We traveled to waste water treatment plant. Wastewater is highly  dangerous waste because there are many materials inside waste water. For this reason, waste water  must carefully depute.



End of the CEP project, If I need to describe this experience with 3 words I would say it was  informative, exciting, exhausting. It was informative because I learned a lot of considerable information. It was exciting because I had so many funny moments and saw very interesting places. It was exhausting because it was hard to find the free time from daily school life to attend the activities.


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